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XNA Game Studio 3.0 Fact Sheet | October 2008  


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Overview:         XNA is the game development platform offering tools, technology and solutions to help student, independent and professional game developers create games for Microsoft platforms. XNA Game Studio 3.0 expands on all the offerings of earlier iterations to include additional functionality to appeal to game developers of every level and enable commercial and community games to be written for Xbox LIVE. There have been more than 1,000,000 downloads of XNA Game Studio tools since its initial release in December 2006, and it has been adopted by more than 700 universities worldwide. The goal with XNA Game Studio 3.0 is to continue to provide easy-to-use, approachable tools for hobbyists, academics and indie game developers capable of producing the best games to be shared with the world on Xbox 360, Windows PC and now on Zune. These tools are available to download for free at the XNA Creators Club Online Web site at http://creators.xna.com .


Key Features:  


  • By the Community, For the Community. With the launch of XNA Game Studio 3.0 and a Creators Club Premium Membership, available for $49 (U.S.) for four months or $99 (U.S.) for 12 months, hobbyists, academics and indie game developers can create, debug and play their own games on Xbox 360. In addition, the XNA Creators Club Premium membership allows members to create and distribute their own games to million of Xbox LIVE members on the Community Games Channel launching Nov. 19. A free trial membership is available to students and faculty members worldwide for educational purposes. However, this subscription does not give access to Premium content or services.
  • Try Before You Buy. We’ve added a new Trial Mode to XNA Game Studio 3.0 that will enable creators to easily add the required trial feature to their games.  This will enable all customers to try the games before they buy them with little effort on the part of the creator. 
  • Invite Friends. Now developers can easily take advantage of even more Xbox LIVE multi-player features like in-game invites. With this feature, developers can enable in-game invites allowing players to invite their friends to play their favorite multi-player community games.
  • Even More New Features. With XNA Game Studio 3.0 game developers will be able to develop truly cross-platform games that work on Windows, Xbox 360 and Zune with minimal effort and the new upgrade wizard helps creators easily port their games from 2.0 to 3.0 to make them compatible with Xbox LIVE Community Games. We’ve also added 1-click installation of Windows games, and automatic asset compression of content to improve download times. All together, XNA Game Studio 3.0 improves on experiences for both developers and gamers.
  • Visual Studio Integration. XNA Game Studio 3.0 supports C# 3.0, LINQ and most versions of Visual Studio 2008, giving developers more options than ever before.



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