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CarnyVale: Showtime – Singapore: In “CarneyVale: Showtime” you play as Slinky, a circus acrobat trying to rise up the ranks by performing acrobatic tricks and death-defying stunts through increasingly complex arenas. You can manipulate a wide variety of props, use the ragdoll controls to fling Slinky around using trapeze-like grabbers, or make him grab onto flying rockets and ride them through a maze of obstacles. You can even create your own custom arenas with the built –in map editor which is perfect to share with family and friends.


Battle Tennis – Venezuela: “Battle Tennis” is a part tennis and part fighting parody. It’s a cartoony arcade game with fast action and simple controls. Players are armed with special defensive and offensive moves and powers to defeat their opponent in battle. The game uses a completely 3D environment with a very unique art style which was inspired, instead of limited by videogame requirements. Each round develops as a regular tennis game, using the same scoring and most rules, although some are tweaked to make the game faster.


Weapon of Choice – United States: “Weapon of Choice” is a high-energy, side-scrolling action game with tons of replay-ability.  Play through non-linear level design and make dynamic in-level branch decisions, while defeating the invading alien horde!  Each ‘life’ that the player uses is a unique Solus Operative with his/her own “Weapon of Choice” and special abilities.


HurricaneX2 – China: “HurricaneX2” is a thrilling 3D action game made with striking graphics in the form of a fantastic oriental legend. By playing the role of Hua, whose goal is to find out his true identity and fulfill his destiny, you will start the adventure around Chinese landmarks and fight with a variety of enemies. The game provides a special action system which could adjust the difficulty level automatically, and will satisfy the need of each unique player.


Blow – Canada: The object of “Blow” is to guide bubbles from a start location to an exit location by placing fans around the environment. The fans form a system of air flow that creates a continuous stream, avoiding hazards which threaten to burst your bubbles. “Blow” gameplay is centered on creativity, imagination and relaxation. At no point in the game are players pressured to make quick decisions or required to execute ‘twitch’ style control.


Save Jack – South Africa: “Save Jack” is a single player game where you take on the role of a little girl who is on a quest to save her older brother Jack, who happens to be an evil genius. Her brother has created little energy critters that power all of his machines, which the player can collect as ammunition. These Gazoolies form the base ammunition for both the player and turrets, which the player can build to accomplish tasks or just kill bad guys. The main puzzle element of the game is the powering of portals which allow the player to progress and eventually complete the level. 


Streets of Fury – France: Paris has fallen, street gangs have seized control! Powerless against the hardened criminals roaming the city, the army has gone on strike. You and your gang have been hired, direct from the streets of LA, by the terrified French government. It’s time to fight fire with fire! This multi-plane fighting system creates an action packed, urban beat ‘em up experience for up to four player cooperative play.


An Awesome Game – United States: “An Awesome Game” is an action-adventure/exploration game that depends as much on your shooting and platforming skills as your ability to find the solutions to problems via clues.


Petank Party – France: “Petank Party” is a Bocce Ball competition for social gamers and family.  Play with 1-6 people or play against smart AI competitors with several levels of difficulty to enhance your skills. Customize your appearance and choose your favorite set of balls. The goal is to place the most of your team balls as close as possible to a little yellow wooden ball called the jack. Players play rounds until one of the team gets to the final winning score, 13 points.


Bennu – Portugal: “Bennu” is an innovative physics-based exploratory action/puzzle game. The player controls a Bennu ball and chain and progresses through the levels by attaching chains to objects and swinging from place to place.


AUTO – Denmark: You control a set of vehicles, which must be driven from A to B in a given time period. Each vehicle has unique properties and a special set of gadgets that must be used to complete the levels.


Galex-e-mail: United States: “Galax-e-mail” has you delivering e-mails by controlling a squad of spaceships battling their way through galaxies of increasing difficulty. You have powerups, multiple weapons and multiple ship types at your disposal. There will be intensity in defeat, and joyful relief in victory.


Artoon: United Kingdom: The aim of “Artoon” is to assist the excitable and young bouncing blob Art, in coloring the worlds he exists in. Each world poses unique challenges and surroundings but each consists of blocks that must be colored before the exit is activated. By constantly bouncing on new blocks, Art builds up a combo and increases his score multiplier. 


Zeit2 – Germany: “Zeit² brings real innovation to the genre of shoot'em ups. Its time travel feature has yet to be seen in this genre after decades of brilliant games. Get the side scrolling arcade action and discover how you can assist yourself in many exciting ways by traveling back in time! Blast away the enemies like you never could before!


Tropos – South Korea: You will enter a huge ''pong'' stage on a future anti-gravity vehicle and win points by catching the ball that is continuously bouncing around the field and firing it at the target. Test your shooting skills and the ability to make strategic decisions against an opponent.


Colosseum – Sweden: “Colosseum” is a 3D arena fighter featuring a single player campaign and local multiplayer where 4 friends can enjoy fighting each other simultaneously. The single player campaign features 7 maps in different environments. Each map comes with its unique set of enemies and bosses. The multiplayer mode contains four game modes, Death Match, Banner Carrier, Holy Ground, and Giant. Four players can fight each other in free for all or in teams.  Colosseum also features 12 different characters and 4 different fighting styles. Each fighting style comes with its own unique set of combos, perks, and flaws. By completing challenges, you unlock new weapons, armor parts, and color schemes allowing you to customize your characters.


MegaChile Pluto – Sweden: “MegaChile Pluto” is a single player action game with puzzle elements set in space on a mission to save planets on the verge of extinction. Each level in the game contains one planet that needs to be saved. Bring much needed elements to each planet in order for it to sustain life. Navigate your direction wisely and be careful to not get pulled in the wrong direction, as each celestial body has its own gravity that can sway your path.


Word Soup – United Kingdom: “Word Soup” is a single or group tactical play word hunt game. Join the letter blocks vertically, horizontally or diagonally to make words of three or more letters. Clear the board before the clock runs out and win!

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