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09/05/2019 10:02 am  

I want to recreate original xbox alpha development kit. Here is my build log:

Current Cost: 40CZK (about 1,7USD)

Budget: up to 400CZK (about 17,4 USD)

Motherboard - got CC820 (very similar to original VC820, but uses SDRAM) from recycling center

RAM - Got 128MB SDRAM from recycling center

CPU - Got 800MHz Pentium III from recycling center

Software - got some recoveries and alpha SDK.

PSU,case,cables,hdd,optical drive - already have

Still have to get:

GPU - Geforce 3. Already found seller, but he does not respond.

USB Card - also found seller, but he does not respond

Network card - I will buy it on ebay. Found seller locally, but he wants to transfer money using expensive and outdated method.

Sound Card - idk where to get it. It's something rare.

COM Null modem cable - to debug it

Some prototypes to run!


UPDATE 27.5.2019:

Seller for graphics card does not respond and i don't want to buy other parts until i'll have gpu.

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