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9828.2,jun09 QFE 9828.2
9761,LKG CodecPack01 (as of 8/19/2009)
9610,Dev10 LKG compiler for Jan2010
9501,November XDK Tech Preview
9446,Jan2010 compiler LKG1 candidate
9328.9,jun09 QFE 9328.9
9328.8,jun09 QFE 9328.8
9328.8,9328.8 Jun09 QFE on 9/21/2009
9328.7,Jun09 QFE 9328.7 on Sep 3, 2009
9328.6,June 09 QFE Number 6
9328.5,QFE Jun09 9328.5
9328.5,QFE Jun09 9328.5
9328.4,QFE Jun09 9328.4
9328.3,jun09 QFE 9328.3 on August 3, 2009
9328.2,QFE Jun09 9328.2
9328.13,June09 XDK QFE 9328.13
9328.12,QFE for June09
9328.11,Private QFE for June 2009
9328.10,Private QFE for June 2009
9328.1,QFE from Jun09 on July 15 2009
9296,mf$(d).lib files handed off to Turn 10 for a private QFE
9199,Spring10 Munich RTM and Mar10 XDK
9189,February 2010 XDK Preview Flash Build 9189
9102,use flash-spring10_9102 for Project V Hardware Validation per Yu Meng Lim request
9074,flash-spring10 9074
9071,Green Build handed off to Manufacturing
9069,Green Signed Munich build provided on 7/6/09
9056,Last known good Omni-N build
8966,Fall09 Milan RTM (rebuild of 8955 to fix green mfg image)
8964, Vanguard released build #2
8961,Vanguard released build #1
8955,Fall09 Milan RTW Release
8953,Final RTM build for Milan, this build was only released to Manufacturing
8939,Chamaeleon Pre-Beta Test Flash
8912,Base image for OmniN DV delta patch. Includes bugcheck security mitigation.
8906,Second green-signed OmniN build
8863,LKG for Omni-N and WaveA driver
8852,Omni-N LKG
8507,Spring09 Geneva QFE Release build
8507,Requested by Brian Keogh
8498,Spring09 Geneva release
8496,Integration with 8496 flash
8490,Zune c9 moving to use flash 8490
8485,Chamaeleon (c9 - zune client), moving to flash 8485
8423,Chamaeleon team is currently bound to this build for development.
8403,Chamaeleon Team is currently mapped to this Flash build.
8392,Tech-Preview flash build released to select external partners.
8348,Trinity bringup applications
8329,Mar09 compiler Tech Preview 2
8310,Tech-Preview recovery released to select external partners.
8276.2,Mar09 QFE 8276.2
8276.1,Keep QFE 8276.1
8276,Mar09 - Final release build
8255,ADK recovery release to the hardware team
8228,Build was used for January GameDisc Tech Preview
8217,ADK Testing(Norm LeMieux)
8216,LKG CodecPack01 (as of 12/29/2008)
8204,ADK EV2
8184,Mar09 compiler Tech Preview 1
8182,Requested by JimVu
8106,Nov08 compiler LKG
8089,NDK Pre-Alpha Release Build
8033,February 2010 XDK Preview Flash Build
8025,NDK-Preview Dec09(flash)
8025,December 2009 XDK Technical Preview Flash Build
8014,Nov09 NDK Technical Preview Flash build (flash-redeye)
8013,Nov09 NDK Technical Preview Flash build (flash-redeye)
8011,September 2009 XDK Tech Preview
7978.1,D3D9.lib preview drop to unblock external partner
7978,Nov08 - Final release build
7972,Build that is being used by music titles to TU for wireless microphone
7945,Nov08 compiler LKG candidate
7939,main interim compiler LKG
7776.1,Aug08 private QFE include Jasper Test Kit ROMs in recovery
7776,Aug08 - Final release build
7710,main -Mar08 linker QFE
7657,Jun08-preview - Fall08 feature preview with 7308 flash
7650,Handed out to select partners - Dennis Mooney
7645.2,Jun08 XDK private QFE for XAUDIO2
7645.1, Jun08 QFE
7645,Jun08 - Final release build
7530,MTE 3.91 CM Suite Release
7518,MTE Xenon 3.90.0 Suite
7515,MTE 3.90 JADV Suite
7436,Kiosk 2009 Release Candidate
7371,QFE Build (addressing ODD issues) released to public
7366,Flash released in the Mar09 XDK to support ADK hardware
7363,QFE Build
7359,Fall08 flash for developer release - fixed page heap issue with checked bits.
7358,Fall08 flash for developer release
7357,Final Release build - Fall08 NXE (11/19)
7349,RC build. We have entered Cert with this build
7342,Fall08 preview flash shipped in Nov08
7327,Fall08 flash shipped in 7661 Jun08-preview
7317,LKG CodecPack01 (as of 9/16/2008) - Official Fall08 Release
7151,main Contains the latest main tree C compiler (and the Mar08 QFE compiler)
7121,gamedisc bits
7086,project N drop to Rare
7075,flash-newton - Private drop to a customer
7074,flash-newton - Private drop to a customer
7070,flash-newton - Private drop to a customer
7048,LIPS official build for iNiS, support for v.5 Fw
7046,official LIPS build to fix XSIM, XBDM
7041,Drop for LIPS
7036,flash-lips - XMic API for external developers
7032,main - Latest compiler LKG
6995.1,Mar08 XDK Release QFE 6995.1
6995,Mar08 XDK Release
6969,Compiler LKG
6937,main - Includes dogfood compiler binaries which will likely be the next LKG
6907,Jasper EV2B/C
6840,TCS 2.60 Hotfix
6839,MTE 3.83 Suite
6836,MTE 3.82 Suite
6828,MTE 3.80.X Test suite
6784,China Home Trial
6770,RC for LIPS flash
6766,Summer 2008 system update (LIPS)
6765,official LIPS flash RC
6761,RC for spring08-lips
6723,Spr08 flash build used for test kit production
6722.2,fix for purchase history
6722.1,QFE - SPRING 08 - Remove Promotions from Media Site: Republish the default
6719,Contains continous audio drop by PGP team
6717,Spring 08 Flash update
6712,Jasper EV3B
6707,Jasper EV2C
6690,Flash-Fall07 QFE
6686,Flash-Fall07 update
6683.4,Flash-Fall07 International Video Marketplace Launch
6683.3,Flash-Fall07 IVM on with featured item fix and new storefront backgrounds for EN-UK EN-IR EN-CA FR-CA
6683.2,Flash-Fall07 IVM on with featured item fix
6683.1,Fall 07 - adCenter and Video Marketplace ALL OFF
6683,Flash-Fall07 RTM
6682.2,Flash-fall07 - adCenter and International Video Marketplace OFF
6682.1,Flash-fall07 - Video Marketplace ALL OFF
6681,Flash-fall07 - International Video Marketplace OFF
6642,carbon-iptv07 - last build from carbon-iptv07 branch
6534.7,Nov07 QFE
6534.6,Nov07 QFE
6534.5,Nov07 QFE
6534.4,Nov07 QFE - Public mandatory QFE
6534.3,Nov07 QFE
6534.2,Nov07 QFE
6534.1,Nov07 QFE
6502,Compiler LKG
6274.1,Aug07 QFE
6251,Compiler LKG
6130,Jun07 compiler
5831,Fusion 1.9 Installer
5829,Fusion 1.9
5820,fusion 1.8
5805,fusion 1.7
5770,Falcon 1GB Qimoda Qualification II
5769,MTE- 5 min SATA HDD timeout
5768,Falcon 1GB Qimoda Qualification
5766,Spring07 QFE
5763,Spring07 + 6BL650
5760,Spring07 + Server fix
5759,Spring flash release
5749,Bungie preview flash release
5730, Year3 GPU Bringup and Falcon Memory Qualification
5605,private to bungie
5525,Content Migration Utility RTM
5501,Memory Qualification
5014,Fusion 1.6
4929.7,Dec06 QFE
4929.6,Dec06 QFE
4929.5,Dec06 QFE
4929.4,Dec06 QFE
4929.3,Dec06 QFE
4929.2,Dec06 QFE
4929.1,Dec06 QFE
4802.1,Oct06 QFE
4552,flash-fall06 RTM
4550,flash-fall06 console test
4314,Oct06 Original Release
4025.4,private d3d qfe for dash
4025.3,xact QFE
4022,Sep06 flash
3921,xefu 1.5
2920.1,May06 xcam QFE
2321,xefu launch
2258,au cache fix
2255,Jan AU
21211,Approved compiler binaries for Nov12 XDK
21173.4,XDK QFE July 2012 #4
21173.3,XDK QFE July 12 #3
21173.3,JULY XDK QFE 3
21173.2,XDK QFE JULY 12 2
21173.1,XDK QFE 1
21119.7,QFE 7
21119.6,XDK QFE FEB12 - 6
21119.5,March 12 XDK
21119.4,XDK QFE 4
21119.3,XDK QFE 4
21119.3,XDK QFE 3
21119.10,XDK QFE March 2012 #10
21119,Last Full Build
21076.9,Nov11 QFE 9
21076.8,Nov11 QFE 8
21076.7,Nov11 QFE 7
21076.6,December 2011 XDK release final nov11
21076.4,Nov11 XDK QFE 4
21076.3,Nov11 XDK QFE 3
21076.2,Nov11 XDK QFE 2
21076.13,Nov11 QFE 13
21076.12,Nov11 QFE 12
21076.11,Nov11 QFE 11
21076.10,Nov11 QFE 10
21076.1,Nov2011 XDK 21076.1
21076,Xdk-Main-Nov11 last full build
20871.7,August 2011 XDK QFE 7
20871.6,AUG11 XDK QFE 6
20871.5,AUG11 XDK QFE 5
20871.4,AUG11 XDK QFE 4
20871.3,AUG11 XDK QFE 3
20871.2,AUG11 XDK QFE 2
20871.1,AUG11 XDK QFE 1
20871,Aug11 XDK 20871
20764.9,June 2011 XDK QFE 9
20764.8,June 2011 XDK QFE 8
20764.7,June 2011 XDK QFE 7
20764.6,June 2011 XDK QFE 6
20764.5,June 2011 XDK QFE 5
20764.4,June 2011 XDK QFE 4
20764.3,June 2011 XDK QFE 3
20764.2,June 2011 XDK QFE 2
20764.11,Jun11 QFE 11
20764.10,June 2011 XDK QFE 10
20764.1,June 2011 XDK QFE 1
20764,Xdk-Main-Jun11 last full build
20680,public release for May2011 XDK Preview
20500.3,Feb11 QFE
20500.2,XDK Feb11 QFE2
20500.1,XDK Feb11 QFE2
20500,Feb 2011 XDK RTM
20476,Feb11 compiler Tech Preview
20353.2,Recovery Build Only
20353.1,Nov 10 QFE
20353,Nov10 XDX Build
20332,VS 2010 Private Partner Preview build
20286,Unknown preserved XDK-Main-NUIHands-Zune build
20209.3,September XDK QFE 3
20209,Sept 2010 XDK RTW
16197,Public Beta Pre-Release build
16195,Public Beta Candidate Pre-Release build
16194,Public Beta Candidate Pre-Release build
16191,Public Beta Candidate Pre-Release build
16189,Public Beta Candidate Pre-Release build
16186,Public Beta Candidate Pre-Release build
16178,Public Beta Candidate Pre-Release build
16167,Public Beta Candidate Pre-Release build
16165,Pre-Release Build
16154,Public Beta Candidate Pre-Release build
16145,Public Beta Candidate Pre-Release build
16144,Public Beta Candidate Pre-Release build
16133,Public Beta Candidate Pre-Release build
16127,Public Beta Candidate Pre-Release build
16113,Public Beta Candidate Pre-Release build
16113,Pre-Release build deployed to Beta
16098,Released to Takehome - London Build,Pre-Release build deployed to Beta audience.
16091,Public Beta Candidate Pre-Release build
16090,Pre-Release build deployed to Valdation/Approved compiler binaries for Nov12 XDK
16083,Released to Takehome - London Build
16078,Compiler LKG candidate for Nov12 XDK
16061,Released to Takehome - London Build
16056,Released to Takehome - London Build
16048,Released to Takehome - London Build
16048,Denali development and takehome build
16041,Released to Takehome - London Build
16025,TakeHome and Denali/Isis development build
16025,Released to Takehome - London build
16023,Released to Takehome - London build
16014,Retention for Isis/Denali Development/Takehome Build
16008,Development flash/xdk for Isis/Denali
15989,Released to Takehome - London build
15925,Denali/Isis development build
15905,May 2012 compiler tech preview
15574,Released to Takehome - Glasgow Build
15572,Released to Takehome - Glasgow build
15571,Released to Takehome - Glasgow build
15568,Released to Takehome - Glasgow build
15567,Released to Takehome - Glasgow build
15561,Released to Takehome - Glasgow build
15557,Released to Takehome - Glasgow build
15555,Released to Takehome - Glasgow build
15550,Released to Takehome - Glasgow build
15548,Released to Takehome - Glasgow build
15540,Released to Takehome - Glasgow build
15532,Glasgow flash released to Beta
15527,Glasgow build released to takehome
15512,Released to Takehome audience - Glasgow Build
15493,Released to Takehome audience - Glasgow Build
15481,Development build for Isis/Denali
15443,Denali/Isis development build
14905,Isis/Denali development build
14835,UXF build complement of Denali 14095
14810,Denali/Isis development build
14719,Released to Takehome and Beta audience
14718,Released to Takehome and Beta audience
14717,Released to Takehome and Beta audience
14715,Madrid QFE Build released to Takehome/Beta
14707,Madrid Build released to Takehome/Beta
14699,Madrid Takehome/Beta/RTW Build - RC3
14698,Madrid Takehome/Beta/RTW Build - RC2
14696,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build - Cert Build
14694,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build
14692,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build
14690,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build
14688,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build
14686,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build
14684,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build
14681,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build
14678,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build
14676,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build
14662,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build
14660,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build
14656,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build
14653,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build
14652,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build
14645,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build
14635,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build
14627,Madrid Takehome/Beta Build
14612,Madrid Takehome Build
14611,Madrid Beta Registration application
14607,Madrid Takehome Build
14598,Madrid Takehome Build
14597,Madrid Takehome Build
14586,Madrid Takehome Build
14583,Denali interim developmnet build
14478,Madrid Takehome Build
14476,Madrid Build for Takehome, 1st Beta Candidate
14474,Madrid Build for Takehome
14461,Madrid Build for Takehome
14451,Madrid Build for Takehome
14448,Madrid Build for Takehome
14427,Madrid Takehome Build - August
14423,Denali exploratory build
14415,Madrid Takehome Build - August
14403,Madrid Takehome - Round 5
14385,Madrid Takehome #4 - plus targeted fixes
14385,Madrid Takehome - July XDK QFE
14282,Live-Client fix to replace 14276
14282,Klondike Exploratory Build
14267,Madrid Takehome Build
14266,Madrid Takehome Build
14265,Klondike Team Dependency
14259,DENALI Flash dependency for current builds.
14248,Madrid build for Takehome
14247,Madrid build for Takehome
14226,Madrid takehome build
14214,Denali Flash Dependent Build
14094,Build 14094
13604,Lima Build for Production QFE Release
13599,Lima build for Beta - RC build
13598,Lima build for Beta - RC build
13597,Lima build for Beta - RC build
13596,Takehome/Beta Live-Client-Lima
13592,Lima Beta/Takehome build
13572,LIma Build for Nazca Manufacturing Validation
13570,Lima build for Takehome
13569,Lima build for Takehome
13558,Lima build for Takehome
13554,lima build for MTE
13549,lima build for MTE
13544,lima build released to takehome
13535,Nazca EV2 camera Partner
13528,lima build released to takehome
13146,bucharest-hcdf RC5
13145,Bucharest-hcdf RC4
13142,Bucharest retail build released to Beta
13141,Bucharest retail build released to Beta
13140,Bucharest retail build released to Beta
13139,Bucharest retail build released to Beta
13134,Bucharest retail build released to Beta
13131,Bucharest retail build released to Beta
13130,Bucharest retail build released to Beta
13125,Bucharest retail build released to Beta
13121,Bucharest retail build released to Beta / MTE drop
13117,Bucharest retail build released to Beta
13116,Bucharest retail build released to Beta
13115,Bucharest retail build released to Beta
13106,Bucharest retail build released to Beta
13100,Bucharest retail build released to Beta
12986,Corona EV4C console validation
12981,Corona EV4C console validation
12969,A significant Corona build, because use of 12970 and beyond requires HW rework to the boards
12951,Greensign for Ashley
12949,Build being applied to media for HCDF testing
12905,WaveA device image for Corona EV3B
12866,Live-Client-Bucharest 12866
12625,RTW build of Berlin QFE-2
12611,Live Client build 12611
12610,Berlin Build released to Beta
12609,Berlin Build released to Beta
12607,Berlin Build released to Beta
12606,Berlin Build released to Beta
12603,Berlin Build released to Beta
12599,Berlin Build released to Beta
12597,Berlin Build released to Beta
12595,Berlin Build released to Beta
12590,Berlin Build released to Beta
12589,Berlin Build released to Beta
12587,Berlin Build released to Beta
12583,Berlin Build released to Beta
12581,Berlin Build released to Beta
12580,Berlin Build released to Beta
12575,Berlin Build released to Beta
12574,Berlin Build released to Beta
12573,Berlin Build released to Beta
12569,Berlin Build released to Beta
12567,Berlin Build released to Beta
12565,Berlin Build released to Beta
12560,Berlin Build released to Beta
12558,Berlin Build released to Beta
12551,Berlin Build released to Beta
12546,Berlin Build released to Beta
12416,RTM Final build for Berlin (12416)
12413,RTM build for Berlin (12413)
12408,Berlin Build released to Beta
12404,Berlin Build released to Beta
12402,Berlin Build released to Beta
12399,Berlin Build released to Beta
12394,Berlin Build released to Beta
12392,Berlin Build released to Beta
12387,shipped in Jun10 XDK Kinect Preview Flash 3 recovery
12384,Berlin Build released to Beta
12379,Berlin Build released to Beta
12377,Berlin Build released to Beta
12366,Berlin Build released to Beta
12365,Berlin Build released to Beta
12353,Berlin Build released to Beta
12341,Berlin Build released to Beta (~07/16/2010)
12341,Berlin Build released to Beta
12340,Berlin Build released to Beta
12332,Berlin Build released to Beta
12330,Berlin Build released to Beta (~07/09/2010)
12278,Berlin Build released to Beta (~07/01/2010)
12277,Berlin Build released to Beta
12275, shipped in Jun10 XDK Kinect Preview Flash 2 recovery
12209, shipped in June10 XDK Kinect Preview Flash 1 recovery
12153,Zune final M2 flash - contact DFu, SPrabhu
12138,Xbox Zune client integration point for NUI
11886,Nov2010 compiler LKG candidate
11775.9,July 2010 XDK QFE 9
11775.8,July XDK QFE 8
11775.7,Jul10 XDK QFE 7
11775.4,July XDK QFE 4
11775.3,July 2010 XDK QFE3
11775.2,Update to the latest Berlin flash and fix and firmware updgrade fix
11775.12,Jul10 XDK QFE 12
11775.11,July XDK QFE 11
11775.1,QFE 1 July10 XDK
11775,July10 XDK First approved Kinect Libs
11658, shipped in June2010 XDK release recovery
11626.4,Jun10 XDK QFE 4
11626.3,JUN10 XDK QFE 3
11626.2,JUN10 XDK QFE 2
11626.1,Jun10 XDK flash TechPreview 1
11626, XDK June2010 release
11620,Live-Client i386 LKG
11551, Xbox Zune client XDK integration point for NUI
11513,May10 XDK TechPreview
11512,May10 XDK TechPreview QFE
11511,May10 XDK TechPreview
11164.4, xwmadecoded lib
11164.3,February 2010 XDK QFE 11164 .3 ( on 04/09-2010)
11164.2,February 2010 XDK QFE 11164 .2 ( on 02/26-2010)
11164.1,February 2010 XDK Recovery 11164.1
11164,February 2010 XDK 11164
11070,December-09 XDK Tech Preview
11027, May10 XDK TechPreview lash
11026, May10 XDK TechPreview QFE flash
11025, May10 XDK TechPreview flash
10586,Keep idw tools for signing live-client
10552,Keep idw tools for signing live-client-hw
10358,Mar2010 compiler preview
10224,Integrated by Chamaeleon
10224,Feb10 compiler LKG
10090,LKG for codecpack (as of 11/9/09)
10090,Codepack01 LKG (as of 11/2/09)
10089,Dash LKGs (as of 11/2/09)
10088,First snapshot of Xenon\MAIN into Xenon-Chamaelon for C10 MQ work
10000.3,This is a test for XDK QFE automation.
10000,Test for improved add build to keep.txt script
0338,xenon_apr04_0338 21076.6,21076.6,Xdk-Main-Nov11 released as December 2011 XDK

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