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*Image hosting for now can be done at imgbb.com , after an image is uploaded there, you can copy/paste the image directly!
we do not have messaging setup however i will setup a discord in the future we can use for messaging, it will not be a place for download links or info, thats what the forums are for 😀

We like to keep things chill over here.

  1. Please do not bring drama from other websites here.   😴 
  2. Any hacking of the forums / talk of DDOS, Stealing stuff, Doxing, anything with a consequential negative intent is a instant ban as well as a report to proper authorities.
  3. If someone shares images and info about something they own, and state "The item is not for download/sell"  do not spam them for it. if there is no mention of download link or if its private, then it is ok to ask.


Not Rules but good things to follow:

  • Respect goes far.
  • The more you post, the higher you rank! Your star meter will get more full and show you are a trusted and dedicated member of our Planet!

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