ScarFace: The World is Yours

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Build Date Known Builds Build Size Released By
April 20, 2006 Build 08068 Early Xbox Port 3.51GB, DRW
April 21, 2006 Build 08068 Early Xbox Port 3.51GB, 38,951 Files, 515 Folders Gunz4Hire

General Info:

  • Titlescreen is Black and says Scarface. You can press Left or Right on DPAD to pick levels. Load times are very slow.
  • Looks to be a early Xbox port with alot of PS2 assets still being used. Some levels looks to be unfinished.
  • This file was added from retail to stop the game from trying to find it, - ai\common.dtr.
  • Most Missions are finished but incomplete with some aspects like cut scenes or AI just not working.
  • After completing a mission you can usually just go to the next mission, sometimes it will stick at a black screen.


Press Start, bottom selection is debug menu.

For noclip, then Press in both Thumbsticks or even Black Button, Right Trigger will spawn you to camera location.

Debug Option Description
Teleport Spawns you near the Mission you selected.
Artist Safe Roam Unknown
Toggle Debug Info Example
1000 balls Gives Tony 1000 Balls
Get Massive Ammo Gives Tony Every Weapon with full Clips
10,000,000 dirty cash Gives Tony 10,000,000 dirty cash
1000g drugs Gives Tony 1000g Drugs
10,000 Cop heat Adds 10,000 Cop Heat to your overall Heat progression.
Make Supplier Ready Example
Show PMG Templates Example
Display Last PMG Template Example
Restart Last PMG Example
Test Miami PMG Stages Example
Test Island PMG Stages Example
Toggle Time Of Day Changes Time of Day
Toggle Widescreen Toggles Widescreen
Toggle Progressive Toggles Progressive
Toggle Lock to Vsync Toggles Vsync Lock
Toggle Half Speed Cuts Frame rate to 15FPS
Toggle Invert Reticle Example
Toggle Cop Game Example
Toggle Rain Toggles Rain to start
Toggle Lightning Toggles Lightning Weather
Call Any Boat Boat 1, Boat 2, Boat 3,
Call Any Car Car 1, Car 2, Car 3,
Call Any Character Basic Male 01, Basic Male 02,
Call Any NIS Example
Set Reputation Level Adds a Reputation to your score and changes the Scarface logo in Options corresponding to what level your Rep is.
MISSION FAIL (DEBUG) Will force fail your Mission
MISSION FINISH (DEBUG) Will force finish your Mission, altho most of the time it wont proced to next objective.
Toggle HUD Example
Test font Box opens to test formatting and font size of A-Z 0-9


Level Name Level Info
Scarface (New Game) Opens to Combat Tutorial, then to early Cut of Into Video, then puts you to Level "The Fall".
Combat tutorial Works as Expected too
The Fall AI isnt working, Sometimes when you get to the Tiger part the screen will go black and stay black. Can complete Entire Mission. Black screen after final video.
The Return Starting video missing of Tony Cruising the streets of Miami.
Felix Example
Mansion Purchase Example
Gaspar Gomez Example
Frontal Assault Make sure to have at least 15,000 cash before opening Exotics menu to purchase a driver.
Pedro's Pawn Shop Example
Cabana Cigars Unfinished Cutscene. Mission Test is too big that is goes off screen.
Oakley Drive-in Theatre Example
Babylon Club Redux Example
The Diaz Brothers Spawns you into the water with a blank map. Possibly a unfinished Level.
Havana Storehouse AI is not working yet. Cut scene does not load world props fast enough.
Freedom Town Redux Example
O'Grady's Liquor Store Example
Fidel's Records Example
U-Gin Shotgun Bar Example
Babylon Club Example
The Sandman Example
The Venus Bar Example
Marina Storage Example
Nacho Contreras Example
The Dock Boss Example
Contra Band Example
Gangland Example
AncMissions At VenusBar Example
Nacho's Tanker Example
Macau Fast Food Example
Chi Peso Trattoria Example
Swansong Hotel Restaurant Example
Sun Ray Hotel Example
Shoreline Storage Example
Un-Load Example
Deliver Example
Angel Dust Donut Shop Example
Whippet Gambling Hall Example
Peninsula Gentlemans Club Example
Stein Jewellers Example
Coco's Lounge And Disco Example
Leopard Rail Yard Example
The Plantation Example
Tranquilandia Example
The End es