How to Dump OG XDK VIA Network

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  • ViridiX
  • .NET Framework
  • Access to DHCP Router
  • Xbox Dev Kit
  • Windows 7 PC

How To

Plug in your Xbox directly to router with Ethernet cable, turn it on, Press X, Go to network settings, make sure its set to Automatic.

Turn on your PC, Make sure its connected to the same network with a Ethernet cable.

Open "Viridex.Explorer" from inside the VirideX Folder.

Click the Connect Button in the upper top left.

A new screen should pop up and you should see your XDK in the Dicovery Bar, Click the Check Mark next to it to connect.

Go to "Utilities/Download HDD Image"

Select a spot to save and make sure you have 10GB FREE.

Press save and wait.. The tool will go unresponsive, this is normal and it can take hours to dump fully.